June 1st at East Point Wonderland

May 20 2019

On June 1st, we invite you at East Point wonderland! Visit us from 3 PM and travel in the same wonderland as Alice did.

So, Get ready and discover 5 magic kingdoms at whole East Point territory.

I Kingdom – Join us in Flamingo croquet with the Queen of the Red Kingdom and travel in the labyrinth of the cards.

II Kingdom - Visit the "Tea Table" and enjoy the circus and chemical performances.

III Kingdom - In the White Kingdom, on the huge chess board, you will see a musical duel between the Queen, huge cards and the chess figures.

IV Kingdom - In this Kingdom you will discover how little Alice transformed to big Alice.

V Kingdom - Visit Focus Mokus, the City of Wonderland and enjoy Alice and rabbit performances, balloons fireworks, interactive games and lots of gifts!

Hope you can imagine, how magical will be June 1st at East Point. Visit us from 3 PM and discover our wonderland!

Event Program:
East Point 15:00 17:00 19:00
• Carnival
• Red Kingdom Performances
• Magic cards Performances
• Croquet game with the Red Queen
• Illusionist and chemical performance
• Musical performances on the chess board
• Alice's transformation

Focus Mokus on: 15:30 17:30 19:30
• Alice and Rabbits performances
• Balloons fireworks
• Interactive games
• Chemical performances
• Coloring Roses
• Mystical Illusionist Show
• Flamingo - Croquet game
• Soap bubbles show - 19: 20
• Gifts